IPAF - The International Powered Access Federation

The IPAF training program was launched in 1983 and was developed by leading industry professionals. The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is an organisation that promotes the safe use of powered access equipment, including MEWP, Boom and Scissor lifts.

PAL Card
The PAL Card is the most favoured and highly recognised proof of platform operation training. Delegates that pass their IPAF training course will be presented with a Powered Access Licence (PAL). The IPAF License is valid for 5 years and indicates the type of machine the operator has been trained in, operators can then undertake further IPAF training to add categories to their card.

Why have a PAL Card?
If you work at height and use access equipment, or your current occupation needs you to additionally use access equipment, it is important to receive the basic IPAF safety training.

Most legislation obliges an employer to provide the adequate training in the use of work equipment. By ensuring platform operators have successfully gained a PAL card, employers can be certain that their legal requirements have been met, while adjacently providing operators with the knowledge on how to work efficiently.

What is IPAF Pus ?
The PAL+ card is aimed at operators who are in search of a more advanced IPAF training course. IPAF + is suitable for delegates that work in high risk and challenging environments. The card can be achieved by attending the optional, additional single day category specific IPAF training courses; however it is essential that the operator has gained an IPAF PAL License before they attend. Relevant category qualifications will be added to the operators PAL Card once they successfully completed the theory test, practical test and interview. The Pal+ qualification is valid for 5 years.
IPAF Plus training courses.

What is MEWP?
MEWP stands for ‘mobile elevating work platforms’. MEWPs for managers IPAF course is aimed at managers and supervisors, helping them to prepare for and safely coordinate various types of MEWPs on site.
MEWPS for Managers training course.

IPAF Training
At Citrus Training we provide training courses approved by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) at more than 30 centres throughout the UK. Citrus runs IPAF public courses weekly and in-company courses can even be delivered on your site.  IPAF approved courses from Citrus include MEWP for managers, Harness Awareness, Boom and Scissor lifts.

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