Basic Trauma & Casualty Care Training

  • Who Attends

    This course is designed for anyone who may need to provide basic life support and trauma skills to casualties with life threatening conditions.

  • The Aim

    BTACC is designed to enable candidates to effectively identify and manage time critical or life threatening situations and injuries.

  • Course Content

    The BTACC course extends far beyond First Aid at Work and provides the candidates with the core skills necessary to save life in difficult situations, environments or until additional support arrives. 


    BTACC is not a simple first aid course but it adopts tried  and tested casualty care methods used by the UK Military, Special Forces, Emergency Services, Tactical Firearms teams, Mountain Rescue, Lowland Search and Rescue, the RNLI  and many others. The skills and information in the course works and will save lives. 

  • Knowledge

    The 2 day course brings life support and trauma skills  to non-medics enabling them to manage even the most serious injuries which may be faced at the scene of an  incident or as part of an accident at work.

  • Methods

    • Dynamic classroom sessions supported with practical learning

    • High fidelity simulation & training

    • Structured, supportive pathway allowing continued professional development

    • Adopted by numerous UK Emergency Services and Industries

    • Approved & Accredited by the ATACC faculty

    • Cost effective

  • Additional Info

    BTACC offers a highly focused and up to date clinically led emergency care course for individuals that may potentially face casualties with life threatening conditions. The course has been developed as the second level of the four part ATACC Integrated Trauma Course and has been written by specialists in the field of pre-hospital and critical care medicine.

  • Dates & Locations