Experienced CPCS Red Card Package - Slinger Signaller

  • Who Attends

    This Experienced CPCS Red Card Package Slinger Signaller training course is designed for Slinger/Signallers who already have practical experience of slinging and signalling but wish to refresh their knowledge and on-site techniques, prior to taking the CPCS practical and theory test.

  • The Aim

    To enhance delegates' practical skills, identify and eliminate any bad habits and prepare them for the CPCS Theory and practical slinging/signalling assessment.

  • Course Content

    Day One:
    • Introduction & explanation of CPCS qualification.
    • Health and safety legislation as it applies to lifting operations and slinging/signalling.
    • Theoretical knowledge of lifting operations.
    • Operator's responsibilities with regards to daily/weekly checks of accessories and lifting equipment.
    • Use of accessories, types of hitch, pre-use checks and de-rating of accessories.
    • Practical sequence of operations, lift safety and signalling controlling loads.

    Day Two:
    • Theory and Practical assessments for CPCS Red Card Slinger Signaller.

  • Knowledge

    On completion of the training course, delegates will have sufficient knowledge and information to enable them to complete the CPCS assessments for Slingers/Signallers.

  • Methods

    The training will be split with 60% theory preparation and 40% practical (subject to change depending on candidate's needs).

  • Additional Info

    Delegates should provide a passport photograph on the day of training for production of ID Cards.

    The short nature of this training course dictates that only a limited time will be available for practical operation therefore all candidates on this course must be regarded as experienced Slinger/Signallers prior to attendance.

    Delegates should inform their trainer if they have any serious health issues, physical problems, special considerations or are taking any medication, which may create difficulties in undertaking elements of this training course.

  • Dates & Locations
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