Intermediate Trauma & Casualty Care Training

  • Who Attends

    This course is designed for anyone who may need to provide basic life support and trauma skills to casualties with life threatening conditions.

  • The Aim

    ITACC prepares candidates for the most serious medical and trauma challenges in a realistic and immersive way that develops skills and confidence.The success of the course has led to its adoption by numerous Fire & Rescue Services, Police Forces, Ambulance Services, COMAH sites, Construction industry and UK Search & Rescue teams. 

  • Course Content

    The modules are selected and defined in advance, following site visits and a needs assessment. At any stage, the course can be adapted and changed in a phased roll out of new additional skills.

  • Knowledge

    In addition to the BTACC trauma & casualty care content the specialist modules include (but are not restricted to) any of the following:-

    •  Enhanced care of medical conditions
    •  Extended airway skills eg I-gel or LMA
    •  Haemostatics and wound packing
    •  Assessment of head injury
    •  Abdominal Assessment
    •  Analgesia eg Penthrox or Entonox
    •  Traction splints
    •  Spinal Traumal Crush & suspension trauma
    •  Heat stroke and exhaustion
    •  Excitation delirium and overdose
    •  Burns, Thermal Injury & electrocution
    •  Bombs, Blasts & Ballistics
    •  Drowning & immersion
    •  Paediatric & small adults Managing the pregnant patient
    •  Transfer of the Critically Ill Patient
    •  Mass casualty management/major civilian disasters
    •  Casualty triage.
    •  CBRNE


    Many more modules are available on request

  • Methods

    •  Dynamic classroom sessions supported with practical learning
    •  Highly fidelity simulation & training
    •  BTACC Core modules plus extended skills and specialist modules
    •  Exceeds D13E and IEC standards
    •  Further specialist modules can be added on request
    •  Rolling assessment of core skills plus Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
    •  ITACC is mapped against Level E of the FOPC PHEM Guidelines
    •  ITACC is written and approved by the ATACC faculty which is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons, London

  • Additional Info

    ITACC offers one of the most versatile training  packages currently available for Medical & Trauma Casualty care. 

    The course builds on our Basic Trauma & Casualty  Care course (BTACC) and is adapted and defined by your specific organisational needs. It can be delivered on-site or at one of our training facilities nationwide.

  • Dates & Locations