Level 3 Award in Working in Control Entry and Arrangements for Confined Spaces (6160-04)

  • Who Attends

    This unit is persons wanting to control entry and arrangements for confined spaces without entering them.

    The course can only be taken in English. Translators are not allowed under the C&G exam condition rules.

  • The Aim

    The aim of this unit is to reflect the national occupational standard for controlling entry and arrangements at a confined space.

  • Course Content

    At the end of the training course delegates should be able to:

    • Show an understanding of current legislation associated with confined space work.
    • Recognise and classify a confined space.
    • Produce and oversee Safe Systems of Work for entry into confined spaces including point of works risk assessment.
    • Understand personal protective equipment, i.e. harnesses and access equipment that may be required for entry.
    • Understand the roles and responsibilities of those that may be associated with the confined space work.
    • Types and safe use of atmospheric monitoring equipment.
    • Types and safe use of escape breathing apparatus and self-contained breathing apparatus.
    • Recognise diseases and understand the necessary personal hygiene requirements associated with confined spaces.
  • Knowledge

    At the end of the training course delegates should know:

    • Summarising the requirements of the confined space regulations, classifications, national standards and other associated legislation.
    • Understanding confined spaces and the reasonably specified risks.
    • Suitability of those entering confined spaces (low, med and high-risk).
    • Roles and responsibilities for confined space work.
    • Carry out full control procedures for such an entry, ensuring the completion of all relevant documentation (RAMS, POWRA, PTW, BA control and Rescue Plans etc.)
    • Selecting and checking equipment (Inc. Access equipment, gas detection, comms, EBA and SCBA) required in order to establish a SSOW for Confined Space entry and working (up to high risk level).
    • Monitor team progress and external conditions, reacting appropriately to any changes from agreed protocols.
    • Implement "Emergency Actions" where necessary including the control of the area, deployment of emergency teams and liaising with emergency services.
    • Close-down a confined space entry, ensuring the completion and filing of relevant documentation.
  • Methods

    A proportion of practical exercises and tutorials. Assessment: Practical observation and a short answer question paper.

    Additional Information

    The 6160-04, is a new role for controlling entry and arrangements for confined space. This role will not qualify the candidate for entry. To be an entrant you will need to complete the relevant course.

  • Additional Info

    City & Guilds Level 3 Award in Control Entry and Arrangements for Confined Spaces: (6160-04) This unit is for the entry controller/top person who controls entry and arrangements for confined spaces without entering them. It includes the duties of an entry controller, pre-entry procedures, entry into and exit from the confined space, maintaining communications and initiating and controlling emergency procedures. This course covers medium and high-risk entry controller role.

  • Miscellaneous Info
    Start time: 08:30
    End time: 17:00
  • Dates & Locations
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