Mental Health First Aid & Resilience Management in the Workplace

  • Who Attends

    This one-day mental health first aid & resilience workshop is designed specifically for managers and those with responsibilities for the productivity and wellbeing of others, e.g. HR staff, H&S teams, Senior Management, Line Managers or Site Managers.

    Delegates will complete a range of group and individual activities throughout the course to ensure learning is embedded and they understand the practical application of that knowledge.

    This course is specific to mental health in adults.

  • The Aim

    The workshop will consider how you can build a culture and specific processes within your business, to help reduce the stigma around this topic, to be able to flag issues before they become problems and to help you have productive, legal and positive conversations with those who are signed off work with stress or mental health-related issues.

    It will also give you a good understanding of mental health and resilience, workplace situations and how to handle them.

  • Course Content

    This is a full day course with a number of objectives which are reached through a mix of group activities, presentations and discussions.

    The course will cover:

    • An introduction to Mental Health First Aid
    • The stigma and discrimination around mental health
    • Understanding mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, self-harm and psychosis
    • Spotting the early warning signs of ill mental health
    • The effect of alcohol and drugs.

    Having difficult conversations around sensitive topics and communicating non-judgementally:

    • Why are they difficult?
    • Who are they difficult for?
    • What are you trying to achieve from the conversation?

  • Knowledge

    After attending this workshop, you will have more confidence to appropriately address stress and mental health issues with your colleagues and staff.

    You will be able to create an environment that recognizes and promotes resilience at work. You will be equipped to have conversations about mental health wellbeing that will help staff back to work and promote support and understanding in your team.

    This course has superb feedback on enabling and empowering managers to support their staff better. By increasing confidence in this topic, your organisation is more likely to attract and retain a healthy and engaged workforce.

  • Methods

    1 in 4 people suffer with a mental health issue and 82% of managers would like to be better equipped to support their staff.

    Staying in Positive Mental Health helps people to:

    • Realize their full potential.
    • Create a more positive and productive culture.
    • Prevent mental health issues becoming worse
    • Reduce business sickness costs and sickness records
    • Reduce accident rates.
    • Cope with the pressures of life
    • Have positive relationships
    • Make good choices

  • Additional Info

    We are often left in the position that we are only aware of stress-related issues in others when they are already suffering the effects and their work is being affected. This can be a challenging and sensitive situation to resolve. This course helps remove the barriers and stigma around mental health in the workplace.

    We also measure the confidence they have in the topic before and after the course and this information can be provided to the organisation if required.

    All delegates will receive a comprehensive workbook and a Citrus certificate of achievement which is valid for 3 years.

  • Dates & Locations