SMSTS - Site Management Safety Training Scheme Split Course (CITB) - Live Virtual Classroom (5 days)

  • Who Attends

    The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS training course) is designed for site managers, agents and persons who are, or are about to be, responsible for planning, organising, monitoring, controlling and administering groups of staff and workforce. This course is delivered by our usual team of CITB qualified instructors, in a live virtual classroom environment. 

    Pre-Requisites:  The minimum entry equipment is a good understanding of spoken and written English

  • The Aim

    The SMSTS training course is designed to enable managers to help site managers, agents and supervisors to:

    •    Manage health and safety on-site in accordance with current legal provisions, and within the context of their management or supervisory role.
    •    Develop an understanding of responsibilities and accountability for site health, safety and welfare.
    •    Recognise that a safe site is efficient, economical and productive.

  • Course Content

    The SMSTS day release training course (CITB) content includes:

    • Introduction to health and safety law, duties, responsibilities, enforcement and sanctions.
    • Overviews/explanations of relevant construction activity legislation.
    • Accident costs, causes, investigation, prevention and reporting requirements.
    • Risk assessment and 'principles of prevention'.
    • Safety management systems, policies, plans, performance and measuring.
    • Management of Contractors.
    • Development of safe systems of work' and permit systems.
    • Effective communicating.
    • Behavioural science including awareness of human error.
    • Motivating safety behaviour:
    • Recognition of an organisation's duties and responsibilities.
    • Recognition of responsibilities of Managers, Supervisors and Operatives.
    • Production of site activity instructions (safe system of work).
    • Planning for health and safety within the context of a project.

  • Knowledge

    By the end of the Site Management Safety Training (SMSTS) course, delegates will be aware of and be able to:

    •    Implement all health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation which effects them during their daily work.
    •    Implement new guidance and industry best practice.
    •    State their duties and responsibilities with regards to health, safety, welfare and the environment.

  • Methods

    This is a live virtual classroom five-day course is split over two weeks. 2 consecutive days in the first week and 3 consecutive days in the second week. Delegates are required to complete the full course to be eligible for certification.

    •    This course is delivery by our team of qualified tutors, in a live virtual classroom powered by Zoom. The course is carried out as close to a normal classroom course as technology will allow but all CITB content is covered.
    •    Delegates are required to show original photographic identification prior to the commencement of the course, the delegate must be notified of this requirement prior to attendance.
    •    Delegates must attend the days in order and, where not on consecutive days, must complete the course within five weeks.
    •    Failure to complete the full course will result in them failing and, as a result, they will not receive a certificate.
    •    If a delegate is indisposed, in extenuating circumstances (such as bereavement or certified illness), the delegate may enrol on a new course, advice should be sought from CITB before proceeding.

  • Additional Info

    Additional Information

    •    Delegates will require a certain level of IT hardware. We recommend a laptop (with camera), or a large format tablet. The use of a smart phone in our view, will not be suitable due to the content of the course. In addition, a high speed and reliable internet connection will be needed. The users will have to download the Zoom software. A full list of the technical specification can be found here.
    •    All courses will be delivered in English in accordance with scheme rules.
    •    Delegates must, therefore, be competent in English at the level required to do their job before their course commences.
    •    Interpreters and translators are not permitted for any part of the course qualification or examination.


    •    Assessment is subject to delegates completing 4 syndicate group activities during the course, followed by a mixed format exam.
    •    The exam is subject to invigilation via webcam, and is conducted live at the end of the course via CITB’s approved system, Microsoft forms.
    •    The paper consists of 20 multiple choice questions and five short written questions. There are five safety critical questions in each exam paper. The delegate must answer all five of these questions correctly in addition to achieving the minimum pass marks to be successful.
    •    The examination pass mark is 80% (28 out of 35).
    •    We suggest you share this information with the delegates prior to attending the course.

    Examination Re-sits

    •    There is an option for an examination to be re-taken if the delegate fails on the first attempt.
    •    Where a delegate has achieved between 71%–77% (25, 26 or 27 out of 35) in the exam or has achieved the 80% pass rate but failed the safety critical questions, the delegate may re-sit the exam. This can either be on the same day or by resitting the exam by attending the final day of another course within a 90-day period (the delegate is not obliged to re-do the course).
    •    If a delegate fails the re-sit, they will need to take the full SMSTS-R course again.
    •    When a delegate scores less than 69% (24 correct answers out of 35) in the final exam, the delegate must attend the full SMSTS course again before they can re-sit the exam.

  • Miscellaneous Info
    Start time: 08:00
    End time: 17:00
  • Dates & Locations
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