Working at Height Including the Safe Use of Harnesses & Ladders

  • Who Attends

    Working at a height is defined in the regulations as, work at any place from which a person could fall a distance likely to cause personal injury. The Working at Height training course includes the Safe Use of Harnesses and Ladders which is designed for Managers, Supervisors and Operatives who may need to work at a height and require the use of fall arrest equipment, harnesses, ladders or stepladders.

  • The Aim

    To provide delegates with the knowledge and hands on experience which will enable compliance with relevant legal obligations associated with the work activities necessitating the use of this equipment.

  • Course Content

    • Legislation.
    • Organisation and planning plus risk assessment.
    • Prevention of falls.
    • Fall arrest systems.
    • Safety awareness, including practical exercise.
    • Access to roofs.
    • Safe use of ladders and steps.

  • Knowledge

    By the end of the working at height training course delegates will be able to:
    • Demonstrate an appropriate level of their understanding of the specific and other relevant legislation.

    • Summarise the relevant duties and responsibilities on persons involved in working at height in relation to:
    • Applying the avoidance hierarchy of control.
    • Competence and supervision.
    • Selection of appropriate methods and safe systems of work.
    • Protection of others who may be affected by the work activity.
    • Inspection of the workplaces and equipment.

    • Adopt appropriate safety arrangements, as specified in the regulation schedules, when using equipment such as; harnesses, fall arrest systems, ladders and/or stepladders.

    • Demonstrate their ability to carry out pre-use equipment inspection, ensuring that it is safe for use and use the equipment in a safe manner.

    • Summarise the requirements for:
    • Planning and organising the work and provision of emergency arrangements.
    • Care, maintenance, certification and record keeping of the equipment.

  • Methods

    A high proportion of discussion and group participation will be supplemented with video and classroom based tutorials, as well as practical exercises.

  • Additional Info

    Delegates should provide a passport photograph on the day of training for production of ID Cards.

    Delegates should inform their trainer if they have any serious health issues, physical problems, special considerations or are taking any medication, which may create difficulties in undertaking elements of this training course.

    The content of this course includes awareness of periodic examinations of equipment. The course does not provide full training in maintenance of equipment. Additional training relating to this subject may be of benefit to delegates (further information available upon request).

    For training held at your own location, please ensure that the classroom you make available has a 240v power supply and is a suitable size for the number of delegates attending. Please ensure that the practical area has been risk assessed, is free from harm and is suitable for training.

  • Miscellaneous Info
    Start time: 08:45
    End time: 17:00
  • Dates & Locations
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