CPCS Blue Cards

CPCS Blue Cards

CPCS Blue Cards for Employers

CPCS logoWe are the largest provider of CPCS qualifications in the UK and have been delivering CPCS since 2004. The Plant Scheme now accounts for over a third our activity so when it comes to CPCS we really do know what we are talking about. Uniquely we operate out of 10 CPCS test centres across the UK from Scotland to Gatwick and can complete CPCS NVQ’s at any of these sites in just one day via the EWPA route.

We provide a fully managed CPCS solution for many businesses across the UK. Offering a route from the initial Red card, right through to the Blue card and beyond. Our bespoke CPCS software management system can manage an entire company’s CPCS Card portfolio from initial skills matching and consultancy, automatic card notifications and tracking, as well as handling companies CITB grant claims automatically.

Citrus offer this management service free of charge and in many cases work with businesses to achieve a completely cost neutral solution by balancing the costs of delivery against their CITB Grant claims.

If you would like to talk to Citrus about reducing the cost of managing your CPCS Card portfolio or would like some initial consultation around the subject please fill in our enquiry form below and we will be in touch.

CPCS Blue Cards for Employees

To achieve the Blue CPCS Competence Card delegates must complete the relevant NVQ in Plant or Lifting Operations at the relevant level. All of these are be achieved in just one day via the EWPA route at one of our 10 CPCS centres. So even if you are not currently working with a specific item of Plant machinery but you would like to upgrade your card and stop it from expiring so talk to Citrus today to save time and money!

CPCS Card Scheme

The CPCS Blue Card – Technical Speaking

  • How do you achieve the CPCS Blue card?
    For the majority of CPCS categories delegates need to complete a NVQ in Plant or Lifting Operations at the correct level.
  • How long does the NVQ take?
    The majority of the CPCS Card categories the NVQ level 2’s can take only one day at one of our CPCS testing facilities via the Experienced Worker Practical Assessment (EWPA) Route.
    The popular exceptions to this are the A62 NVQ L3 in Crane Supervision and A61 NVQ L6 Appointed Person – Lifting Operations which have to take place via on site assessment visits (OSAT). Citrus advice these two qualifications can take between 3-9 months depending on the circumstances.
  • How long does a CPCS card last for?
    The card has a life time of 5 years.
  • How does the CPCS Blue Card get renewed?
    In the simplest of cases can be simply renewed like a bank card with the addition of the having achieved the following:
    • The Health, Safety & Environmental Test being achieved at the correct level within the last two years of the application being submitted.
    • Having passed the relevant CPCS Renewal Test for the categories held on the Blue card.
    • Have recorded 300 hours for each plant category held in the CPCS log book.
  • What happens if 300 log book hours are not recorded or the log book simply isn’t held?
    The Operator/s will have to complete the first two points above and then has the option of completing one of the following items below for each CPCS Category held on the license:
    • A CPCS Practical Test (Practical Test that in part achieves the CPCS Red Card).
    • A CPCS On Site Assessment
    • A NVQ (see Scheme Booklet for Operators Section D4 for further information)

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