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National Apprenticeship Week 2024 - HR Apprentice Daria Sot shares her experience


Our Approach to Apprenticeships

Citrus Training offers a specifically designed set of apprenticeship programs tailored to the construction and built environment sectors. We recognize the market gap for these types of qualifications that can be used directly and are proven to be efficient and of high quality in the industry.

With our dedicated Apprentice Division, delegates can smoothly start their programs in conjunction with their roles.

Our Apprentice

Daria Sot works for Citrus Group and has recently gained the title of Group HR Assistant.

Why did you choose this Apprenticeship?

"I decided to pursue this apprenticeship as a step to change my career. It has helped me gain a good understanding of what HR is and how I can support my manager in day-to-day work."

How easy was the process of starting the apprenticeship and your new role?

"The process to get started was nice and simple. I was guided by my manager and my tutor, ensuring I had all the tools needed."

How does the apprenticeship fit alongside your current role?

"My role was created alongside the apprenticeship, which means that after completing my apprenticeship, I am fully competent to perform my job accurately and effectively."

How would you describe the support from the business throughout your apprenticeship?

"The support I received was amazing. I was assisted with all the coursework I needed to complete, including my final project to successfully pass my apprenticeship."

What have you learned as an apprentice?

"I have increased my awareness of the aims and values of the business, and I have learned the importance of listening to employees and adhering to the policies and procedures."

Where do you hope the apprenticeship will lead you?

"The Level 3 program has given me a stepping stone to continue my journey in HR, and I plan to pursue a Level 5 to become an HR Advisor."

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

"Yes, I would recommend this apprenticeship to others interested in HR. Additionally, I would recommend apprenticeships in general to people who enjoy learning alongside working, gaining work experience while also obtaining qualifications."

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