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Accreditation allows us to recognise a trusted product or service by certifying, authorising, and validating skills, training and education through governing and regulatory groups. There are various accreditations in the industry, and many come with a rich history, making them instantly identifiable as markers of high standards.

Founded in 1974 as a traditional trade association, PASMA is now the international not-for-profit association for the mobile access tower industry. They represent the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers, and users, providing and overseeing the industry-standard training scheme. In addition, they are a major publisher of safety-related knowledge, information, and guidance.

An independent body, PASMA shapes and supports the industry's future through the knowledgeable and enthusiastic involvement of its members, suppliers, specifiers and users.

Why become PASMA Accredited?

Whatever the need, PASMA has tower information, facts and expertise to suit everyone from first-time users to major contractors. In addition, the working at height regulations requires that all persons working at height have proven competence to use the appropriate equipment following successful training.

A PASMA training certificate and photo I.D card are the perfect way to do this.

Why Citrus Training?

We are an approved PASMA training provider, and all our Training centres are audited and accredited by PASMA to offer the full range of PASMA courses.

All our trainers have lived experience of the jobs and skills they train to their delegates, demonstrating occupational competence in the subject matter and ensuring relevant and relatable learning for everyone on the course. As approved instructors, they are fully accredited and audited by PASMA and carry out continuous professional development to keep updated with all the relevant legislation and standards relating to mobile access towers.

We champion learning excellence at Citrus Training and partner only with the best accreditation and governing bodies in our industry to deliver outstanding customer experiences, products and services.

If you want to learn more about Accreditations and what they mean for you, please contact our team.

Accredited categories with PASMA:


Why Citrus?

Citrus Training are the UK's largest provider of health, safety, technical training, and assessment services for the Built Environment and Utility sectors, and here's why.

Sector Experience Sector Experience
With nearly 20-years of sector specific experience, we’ve gained invaluable training experiences and knowledge.
'Real-world' Environments 'Real-world' Environments
We have purpose-built training venues across the UK, offering some of the best real-world simulated site experiences.
National Coverage National Coverage
Dedicated training centres across the UK, allowing us to deliver some of the best-in-class training provision, nationally.
85 of the top 100 85 of the top 100
Working with 85 of the top 100 UK Contractors, we deliver training to some of the country’s largest infrastructure service providers.
Experienced Trainers Experienced Trainers
Our trainers are typically ex-industry professionals and some of the most experienced trainers in the industry.
ISO 9001 ISO 9001
Our effective, robust, and secure organisational structure and systems have been awarded ISO 9001 by UKAS.

National Coverage

Over 100+ training centres nationwide, with 150+ technical trainers, delivering upwards of 250+ courses to over 40,000+ delegates each year. Thats why we're the UK's trusted training provider.

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Industry Insights Report

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