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CITB Skills and Training Fund

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What is the Skills and Training Fund?

Employers registered with the CITB and up to date with their levy payments can apply for the CITB Skills and Training Fund. They can use the fund to pay for accredited training courses that meet all the required standards across a broad range of categories and specifications. This is in addition to your grant payments.

What funding is available, and who can apply?

Firstly, you need to be registered with CITB to apply for the CITB levy and any funding. You can be a small or micro-sized construction business with 1-99 employed staff or a medium-sized business with 100-249 employed staff on the payroll to be eligible. Once you’re registered and have everything in place, you can apply for funding up to a maximum of two bids in every 12 months.

Funding amount available equal to the number of employees:

Employees Amount
1-49 £5,000
50-74 £7,500
75-99 £10,000
100-149 £15,000
150-199 £20,000
200-249 £25,000

What is considered a fundable activity?

Any training that you can claim the CITB Grant for:

Construction Training Funding

This funding is focused on the skills needed to support construction activity on site. It ensures that employers give the correct training to their employees. (In the above areas)

Management and Leadership Training Funding

Employers can use the CITB funding for training that develops skills required to better lead, manage or supervise. If a delegate is to receive this funding, their role must predominantly involve leading, managing or supervising. It can also be claimed for those on a career path to develop into a leadership role.

Delegates or their employers can apply for a Supervisor or Management NVQ and relevant safety training, through this scheme.

What’s the application process?

At Citrus Training, we are always here to help, so if you need us, we will guide you through the application process:

  • Form completion and ensuring you have the correct documents and information Specific CITB Skills and funding meetings with an assigned Citrus Training account manager
  • Help with courses dates and locations for the application
  • Advice and guidance throughout the process on how the scheme works

Please fill out the form above to enquire further.

Applications, Assessments and Approvals

To submit a funding application, all the information needs to be sent directly to the CITB at [email protected] (not through Citrus Training or any other training provider). You can expect to wait one month for approval, and funding is paid upfront as a lump sum. Your assigned Citrus Training account manager will keep you up to date with the progress of your application and will support you with any further queries or questions you may have.

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