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Dedicated Support Teams Dedicated Support Teams

Building sustainable relationships through managed services

We have one of the UK’s largest in-house support teams, offering a tailored mix of training, consultancy, and technical services to bring together the optimum mix of training solutions. 

About Us

Bespoke training, consultancy, and managed provision.

In simple terms, our dedicated teams can take care of all your training requirements, from skill gap analysis to competency management. We can provide an entire managed end-to-end process.

Nationwide Training Centres
Up 12%

Technical Trainers
Up 20%

Delegates Trained Each Year
Up 15%

Training Course Subjects
Up 6%

Managed Services

Our dedicated support functions and delivery teams will partner directly with your business, ensuring quality, and measured consistent service.

Dedicated Support Teams

We have one of the UK’s largest directly employed teams, who offer a mix of training, consultancy, and administrative services.

Service Level Agreements

Sustainable commercial relationships, underpinned by custom and robust Service Level Agreements, KPI tracking, and account reporting.

Continuous Development

Consistent and substantial investment into the ongoing and future quality of our service and products delivers great benefits to our customers.

Agile and Adaptable

Agility is a key focus and allows us to appreciate and adapt quickly to ever-evolving demands, opportunities, and training environments.

Critical Mass

Training more than 40,000 delegates each year, across the largest portfolio of training and qualification services in the UK.

Specialist Consultants

We’ll help bring together a range of solutions to ensure you apply the hierarchy of risk control, in its most effective form.

Proactive Management

Our focused solutions and proactive management can help bring about real, long-term cultural change towards safety training.

Customised Services

Experienced in-house team of Training Solution Advisers meets specific business, commercial, and individual learning needs.

ISO 9001

Our effective, robust, and secure organisational structure and systems have been awarded ISO 9001 by UKAS.

Tailored Training Management System

Our in-house, custom built Training Management System allows us to tailor or build functionality
that’s specific to your requirements. Whether it’s delegate tracking, tailored feedback surveys or
competency reporting – we’ve got it covered.

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Our Process

Although we appreciate that not one client or training requirement is the same, identifying the framework agreement tends to follow a similar process.

Step 1

Getting to know you
To get us off on the right foot, we consult with you to make sure we fully understand your needs. We do this by looking at:

  • Your business goals, training models, delivery partners and the key sectors you work in
  • The company infrastructure, including business IT systems, finance and purchasing structures, and payments terms
  • Stakeholder mapping within your business

Step 2

Skills Evaluation and Skills Framework
Next up, we look at how training can help you achieve your business goals, we review:

  • Your training goals, current skills gap and the courses you need
  • Our range of solutions to meet these requirements
  • Your regional locations, potential delegate volumes and training budget

Step 3

Vendor / Supply Assessment
Once we understand your business goals and training needs, we carry out a comprehensive assessment of the areas we will self-deliver and those we are better to sub-contract to our supply chain, to ensure we meet your needs.

  • Truly collaborative, we will engage with any specialist required
  • We work with suppliers that align with our high expectations, standards, and regulations
  • Cost-effective, we add value through commercial volume-related discounts while delivering consistency

Step 4

Service Level Agreements and Management Information
So that everyone is clear and understands what’s going on we will work with you to build realistic service level agreements. Doing this provides:

  • Consistent service
  • Return on investment
  • Performance statistics

Step 5

Your Dedicated Team
Our dedicated teams and processes combine to provide you with everything you need:

  • We make sure delegates have the information and preparation needed prior to training
  • Planning - making sure everything that should happen, does happen, on time
  • Delivery and development - exemplary training with outstanding results

Step 6

Ongoing 360° Planning
Regular scheduled communication means we will always keep you in the loop. This 360 way of working helps develop services that align with your business and deliver value:

  • Performance management reports
  • KPI tracking
  • On-site and virtual meetings - whenever required


National Coverage

Over 100+ training centres nationwide, with 150+ technical trainers, delivering upwards of 250+ courses to over 40,000+ delegates each year. Thats why we're the UK's trusted training provider.

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Industry Insights Report

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Industry Insights Report