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National Apprenticeship Week 2024 - Megan shares her experience


Our Approach to Apprenticeships

Citrus Training offers a specifically designed set of apprenticeship programs tailored to the construction and built environment sectors. We recognize the market gap for these types of qualifications that can be directly applied and are proven to be efficient and of high quality in the industry.

With our dedicated Apprentice Division, delegates can seamlessly start their programs in conjunction with their roles.

Our Apprentice

Megan Steedman works at Altitude Safety and is currently undertaking a Sales Administration Apprenticeship.

Why did you choose this Apprenticeship?

"I chose this apprenticeship to gain a Level 3 qualification and achieve higher roles in my career. This will benefit me as I will gain an understanding of business processes and the standards required in the company."

How easy was the process of starting the apprenticeship and your new role?

"This was an easy process as my colleagues supported me when starting my role. I attended meetings with my assessor and manager, Mary, to review my progress in the apprenticeship."

How does the apprenticeship fit alongside your current role?

"I have been attending workshops encouraged by my assessor, focusing on personal development. These sessions have helped me gain confidence in answering phone calls and managing my time."

How would you describe the support from the business throughout your apprenticeship?

"My colleagues, Mary and Caroline, have been supporting me with any work I have struggled with. They have given me the time to complete assignments and provided opportunities to participate in workshops, enhancing my understanding of how we all work together as a team."

What have you learned as an apprentice?

"I have increased my awareness of the aims and values of the business, the importance of the company brand—how Altitude presents itself. I've learned why it’s crucial to remain professional on the phone, how to write emails professionally, answering the telephone effectively, utilizing a new database (Syrinx), and improving efficiency in using Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel."

Where do you hope the apprenticeship will lead you?

"I aspire to become a qualified administrator and elevate my skills within the business, with the goal of advancing in my current team."

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

"Yes, I would, as I believe it provides a better understanding of your role and the reasons behind certain policies. Learning while working is easier than just diving in."

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