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Further investments into our Mobile Confined Space Training Units

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Our training facilities are market-leading, benefitting from heavy investment and dedication to providing outstanding training and assessment capabilities and premises for our customers and trainers. Our Confined Space areas give real-world experiences to ensure workers are not only trained to carry out the work safely but are confident to do so, having had the closest possible practical encounters with Confined Space working possible. But, ever customer-focussed, we know that taking time away from the business to attend a training centre isn’t always viable. And so, our Mobile Confined Space Units are the solution.  

With a second unit having arrived in June 2021, we can now reach customers across the UK to deliver expert Confined Space training at their premises. Provided there is a suitable classroom setting for the group and sufficient parking for the unit; we can bring the simulation to them. This means they, too, can experience quality standards delivered by Citrus Training simulations. All Confined Space courses, including City & Guilds 6160, are available on the trucks, fully equipped with everything they need to complete the courses.  

And while we love having delegates fill our training centres, there are key benefits to using our purpose-built mobile units: 

  • Significantly reduced downtime with no commute and onsite training 
  • It’s easy! We bring everything you need. Just provide a classroom space 
  • A vast range of dates and times to suit your needs 
  • All courses are available for Confined Space, including non-accredited 
  • With nationwide reach, we can come to you wherever you are 

A genuinely adaptable service that serves the needs of our customers - customer-centricity at its finest. 

If you want to know more about or book one of our Mobile Confined Space Units, please contact the team. 

Nurturing Leadership: Supervisor and Management Apprenticeships in Construction
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The construction industry is a dynamic and complex sector that demands skilled leaders to ensure projects are executed efficiently and safely. In response to this need, supervisor and management apprenticeships have become a pivotal avenue for developing capable leaders within the construction workforce. This article explores the significance of apprenticeships in construction, particularly focusing on supervisor and management roles.

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