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Apprenticeships - Enrolment

An Apprenticeship is ideal for learning practical skills on the job with an employer while supplementing education with high-level course content and peer-to-peer support. Becoming an apprentice is a fantastic way to progress in our industry.

How do I enrol for a Citrus Apprenticeship?

Applicants will need an employer to support their studies and provide them with mentoring and work shadowing opportunities. Meaning those looking to take one of our apprenticeships must already be employed in a role that will enable them to put the relevant apprenticeship into practice.

If you are in a position to further your career with one of our apprenticeships or you are an employer looking to offer apprenticeships to your staff, please complete the enquiry form below, to start the suitability and eligibility process.

Once the eligibility process is complete, a member of our Onboarding Team will be in touch to arrange a pre-course interview which lasts approximately 30 minutes. If the interview is successful, the remaining enrolment process takes place online.

Enquiry Form

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Industry Insights Report

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