NVQ Level 6 - Construction Site Management - Residential Development

  • Who Attends

    Any person or employee, that works in construction and needs to obtain a CSCS Black Card and a nationally recognised qualification in this trade.

    The candidate must have previously successfully completed a Manager's Health and Safety touch screen test within the past two years.

  • The Aim
  • Course Content

    Mandatory Units:

    • Develop and maintain good working relationships.
    • Allocate work and check people's performance.
    • Enable learning opportunities.
    • Provide customer service in construction.
    • Establish, implement and maintain systems for managing health, safety and welfare.
    • Establish, control and monitor environmental factors and sustainability.
    • Evaluate and select work methods.
    • Plan the preparation of the site for the project.
    • Monitor project activities.
    • Ensure that work activities and resources meet project work requirements.
    • Organise, control and monitor supplies of materials.
    • Establish and monitor communication systems and organisational procedures.
    • Control project progress against agreed quality standards.
    • Establish dimensional control criteria.
    • Control project progress against agreed programmes.
    • Control project quantities and costs.
    • Evaluate feedback, information and recommend improvements.
    • Manage your personal development.
    • Plan and schedule the maintenance or remedial activities of property, systems or services.
    • Manage project handover.

    Optional Units

    Plus ONE of the following:
    • Contribute to the identification of a work team.
    • Identify, allocate and plan the deployment and use of plant, equipment or machinery.
    • Control project quantities and costs.

    Additional Units (not compulsory):

    • Plan highways maintenance or repair activities.
    • Plan historical conservation/restoration activities.
    • Plan demolition activities.

    The candidate must have previously successfully completed a Manager's Health and Safety touch screen test within the past two years.

  • Knowledge
  • Methods

    The NVQ will be assessed over approximately nine on-site assessments whilst the candidate carries out their day to day work. Evidence will be collected in the form of photographs, method statements and professional discussions by your dedicated Assessor.

  • Additional Info

    Once the candidate is registered, after the profile and induction visit, they will be able to apply for a one year trade CSCS card extension.

    Once they have completed their NVQ their card will then last five years but is simply renewed by a Construction Skills touch screen health & safety test and will run for a further five years.

    A CITB grant from £650 to £793 is available for companies registered with the Construction Industry Training Board.

    Delegates should inform their trainer if they have any serious health issues, physical problems, special considerations or are taking any medication, which may create difficulties in undertaking elements of this NVQ assessment.


    The duration of a Level 6 NVQ varies depending on the candidate, their level of experience and the work they are undertaking. We advise that the majority of NVQ Level 6's are completed within 12 months from induction.


  • Dates & Locations