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Delivering training services for the Built Environment and Utility sectors since 2004, we operate from our purpose-built training facilities and regional offices located in Southeast London, the East Midlands and West Yorkshire, with the use of over 100 training centres nationwide.

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First Aid at Work Refresher (Inside M25)


As your three-year First Aid at Work qualification expires, you must requalify. Throughout your three years, you may have taken part in annual updates, as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), to check for updates and maintain critical knowledge for the duration of the certification. The yearly update helps refresh and maintain an understanding of regulations, legislation or procedures in workplace First Aid - but does not re-qualify you. The original qualification is valid for three years, and workers must renew the certificate entirely on expiry to continue working in this capacity and safely help anyone in need.

This British Red Cross First Aid at Work Refresher certification does this by teaching again the essential knowledge and skill sets required to correctly react to and treat various first aid situations that may occur.

Course Outline

Practical and theory-based exercises and tutorials refresh and update delegates through all the processes and procedures vital to delivering essential first aid care to someone in need.

The course reflects national standards and industry best practices and is fully accredited by British Red Cross. In addition, choose to learn with Citrus, and delegates will benefit from our custom-built training facilities and customer-first approach.

Our occupationally experienced and qualified trainers coach delegates on this course, completing the session with an assessment question and answer paper. They must pass the assessment to receive a British Red Cross First Aid at Work certificate, valid for three years.

Course Programme

This course teaches delegates the essentials of recognising injuries and medical emergencies and administering basic first aid to help someone. In addition, delegates will review legal requirements, ensure safety compliance, and understand procedures and appropriate documentation and classifications in a course that meets all requirements specified by the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

The course content includes:

  • Assessment and monitoring of a casualty
  • How and where to get help
  • Identifying electrical incidents and the safest action to take
  • Recognition and treatment of blood loss and shock
  • Caring for an unconscious casualty
  • Performing Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Treating burns and scalds
  • Disorders and obstructions of the airway
  • Poisoning - how to treat and keep themselves safe
  • Bone injuries, including damage limitation
  • Major medical conditions, including administration of aspirin and epinephrine
  • Accident recording and reporting RIDDOR
  • The control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)
On Completion

Successful delegates will have refreshed knowledge, skill, and confidence to treat any first aid situation in the workplace at the end of the training. They will be able to administer basic life support and put a casualty in the recovery position correctly, and give First Aid to someone:

  • unresponsive and breathing
  • unresponsive and not breathing, including how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • choking
  • bleeding
  • experiencing shock
  • suffering from burns
  • feeling faint
  • poisoned
  • with a head injury
  • suffering from hypothermia or heat exhaustion
  • with a bone, muscle or joint injury (including spinal injuries).
  • having a seizure, heart attack, including aspirin administration or angina attack
  • suffering from a stroke
  • having an asthma attack
  • with a severe allergic reaction
  • experiencing a diabetic emergency

In addition, they will also check they are appropriately, competently and legally recording and reporting accidents and injuries in the workplace using RIDDOR.

Upon completion, they will receive a British Red Cross First Aid at Work certificate, valid for three years from the issue date.

Who Should Attend?

The British Red Cross First Aid at Work course is for staff age 16+ who hold a First Aid at Work certification ready for renewal.

Course Duration

This two-day training course requalifies delegates as competent to administer First Aid as the appointed First Aider at their workplace.

Why Citrus?

We dedicate our efforts to unrivalled quality and the customer experience at Citrus Training. As a result, we are the leading UK-based provider of health, safety and technical training and assessment services to the Built Environment and Utility sectors. 

Citrus Training serves 85 of the top 100 building services companies in the market. With nearly 20 years of sector-specific experience, we’ve gained invaluable training experiences and knowledge to pass on to our delegates.

Our occupationally experienced First Aid educators have successfully trained over 25,000 delegates across the First Aid and Wellbeing training category. Delivering courses at our nationwide, industry-leading and accredited training centres and offering the very best of training standards and quality assurance. 

We have thousands of public dates and locations nationally for First Aid Training or can offer dedicated training for specific requirements such as on-site groups. Whatever you need, our training services help bring together the optimum mix of solutions to ensure you can apply the hierarchy of risk control most effectively. 

Things You Need to Know

This course has practical elements, so delegates must inform their trainer if they have any serious health issues, physical problems, special considerations or are taking any medication, which may create difficulties in any elements of the training. 

For training held at your location, please ensure that the classroom you make available has a power supply and is a suitable size for the number of delegates attending. In addition, please ensure that the practical area has been risk-assessed, is free from harm, and is ideal for training. 

Popular FAQ's

First Aid at Work is designed for workplaces in a higher risk category (Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction). Emergency First Aid at Work is intended for low-risk workplaces. 

Emergency First Aid at Work – one day  
First Aid at Work Requalification – two day  
First Aid at Work – three day

The certificate is valid for three years from the date of issue.

The certificate usually takes between four-six weeks to be issued.

No. Anything discussed in training is done so in confidence. However, you are not forced to participate in a particular module if there are specific reasons that might affect you. Speak to your trainer or contact us if you would like to discuss anything further.

It is good practice to refresh this certificate after three years, and we offer refresher one-day courses to accommodate.

We recommend within three months of your certificate expiry.

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