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Delivering training services for the Built Environment and Utility sectors since 2004, we operate from our purpose-built training facilities and regional offices located in Southeast London, the East Midlands and West Yorkshire, with the use of over 100 training centres nationwide.

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NPORS Excavator as Crane - Bolt On (N100)


A 360 Excavator can perform as a practical alternative to a crane, where space and availability may be an issue. So, if following a risk assessment, it’s appropriate to use an excavator as a crane, managers must take additional safety measures and considerations into account. Using an excavator introduces additional risks not present in other purpose-designed lifting equipment, such as environmental challenges, compatibility issues with accompanying machinery and insufficient operator training.

To use an excavator as a crane, additional machine checks and training for the operator must be in line with regulations and safety measures. For example, excavators need different safety devices for acoustic warnings and boom lowering.

This Excavator as Crane NPORS bolt-on only certification delivers the necessary knowledge and understanding of Excavator 360s and how to use them safely. It is specifically aimed at Plant Operators who require practical and theory-based training and assessment to use an excavator as a crane.

Course Outline

With a mix of practical and theory-based exercises and tutorials, delegates will cover manufacturer and general knowledge and awareness of using an excavator as a crane and participate in practical activities to recognise machine components and functions, best practices, and operating methods.

The course reflects national standards and industry best practices and is fully accredited in line with regulations. In addition, choose to learn with Citrus, and delegates benefit from our custom-built training facilities and customer-first approach.

Our occupationally and technically-experienced trainers coach delegates on this course, completing the session with a practical observation and short theory test. They must pass the assessment to qualify for:

  • NPORS/CSCS Construction Plant Operator Card, valid for two years.


  • Traditional Operators card, valid for three to five years depending on sector-specific or in-company requirements
Course Programme

This training is essential for workers to learn how to lift using a 360 excavator as a crane safely and correctly. Delegates will review legal requirements, ensure safety compliance, understand procedures and appropriate documentation and classifications.

The learnings will take delegates through;

  • A basic understanding including the dangers of the industry and their responsibilities as a plant operator
  • Manufacturers’ requirements relating to technical data and conforming to relevant regulations and legislation
  • Locating, identifying and explaining Safe Working Loads (SWL), lifting capacity charts and explaining different lifting configurations and working ranges
  • Recognising and explaining different lifting procedures
  • Gravity relevance and calculating estimated weights of loads
  • Identifying any overhead and proximity hazards
  • How to agree on the signal codes and hand signals, direction of movement, safe working and landing, and placement zones with the Slinger Signaller
  • Ensuring the Excavator is in a safe condition for attachments to be fitted
  • Checking the load integrity and security by carrying out trial lifts
  • Lifting and moving to a designated position in a safe and controlled manner, ensuring minimum uncontrolled movement
  • Environmental considerations
  • Carrying out all end-of-shift and securing procedures
On Completion

At the end of the training, successful delegates will:

  • Identify and explain different lifting procedures and know what task could fall into which category
  • Recognise and understand centres of gravity and calculate estimated load weights
  • Be aware of and work around any overhead proximity and hazards
  • Understand how to agree on the signal codes and hand signals, the direction of movement, safe working and landing, and placement zones with the Slinger Signaller
  • Know how to ensure the Excavator is in a safe condition to fit attachments
  • Be practically confident to understand load integrity and security
  • Be able to lift and move material to a designated position in a safe and controlled manner, ensuring minimum uncontrolled movement

On successful completion of the course:

Construction industry delegates

Operators will receive a Trained Operator CSCS/NPORS Card valid for two years from the test date.

In order to upgrade your CSCS/NPORS card you need to achieve the requisite (S)NVQ with the units applicable to the category (S) of plant held on their trained operator card

Non-construction industry delegates

Anyone operating in industry sectors other than construction is not required to hold an operator card bearing the CSCS logo and can have the NPORS (Traditional) Operator Card. 

End users can select three or five-year registrations for this card depending on sector-specific or in-company requirements. 

Who Should Attend?

This NPORS Excavator as Crane bolt-on (N100) certification is for Plant Operators who need additional practical and theory training and assessment to use an excavator as a crane. 

Delegates must have their NPORS Excavator 360 card to be able to take this course.

The course is available to those who need the whole package and assessment-only options. 

Course Duration

This comprehensive course trains delegates to safely and responsibly use an excavator as a crane. The training options vary to accommodate novices and seasoned delegates and are for the bolt-on course only:

  • Novice training - two days with a maximum of four delegates  
  • Refresher training – one day with the morning for training and the afternoon for assessment with a maximum of four delegates   
  • Assessment only - one-day session with a maximum of six delegates 

Group sessions or one-to-one training options are available, talk to the team to find out more.

Why Citrus?

We dedicate our efforts to unrivalled quality and the customer experience at Citrus Training, working tirelessly to provide exemplary service to our clients and produce excellent results from our delegates. As a result, we are the leading UK-based provider of health, safety, and technical training and assessment services to the Built Environment and Utility sectors. 

We have over 30 specialist Plant and Lifting trainers and assessors, coaching and testing nationwide to meet any specific needs of our clients. With a wealth of experience and expertise, they have successfully trained over 25,000 delegates across the Plant and NVQ training categories.

Our facilities include six technical centres with the capacity for delivering Plant Training across the UK. And our national, accredited Training and Test Centres are fully equipped to provide CPCS and CSCS accredited courses. In addition, as an approved NPORS training provider, we can also offer on-site training and testing nationwide. 

Finally, as an Approved Training Organisation by CITB, we provide quality training that meets the industry-approved standards (ATO). 

Things You Need to Know

Delegates must have their NPORS Excavator 360 card to be able to take this course.

This NPORS Excavator as Crane course has practical elements, so delegates must inform their trainer if they have any serious health issues, physical problems, special considerations or are taking any medication, which may create difficulties in any elements of this training. 

For training held at your location, please ensure that the classroom you make available has a power supply and is a suitable size for the number of delegates attending. In addition, please ensure that the practical area has been risk-assessed, is free from harm, and is ideal for training.

If you are a CITB Levy payer, you can claim a CITB Grant for this course. Once you have booked please contact us with your CITB number and we can assist you in claiming the funds.

Popular FAQ's

Yes - delegates need to have a good understanding of the English language to take the course.

No, but there are practical elements, so delegates must inform their trainer if there is anything they need to consider before starting the course.

Yes - you need to make sure your premises have a 240v power supply, that your classroom is big enough and that the practical area has been risk-assessed and suitable before any training takes place.

The Construction card has the CSCS logo and is recognised on Construction sites. First, you gain a trained two-year operator card, after which you need to complete an NVQ to earn a five-year competent card. The traditional card is valid for five years and is used more for related industries or self-owned firms.

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