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Delivering training services for the Built Environment and Utility sectors since 2004, we operate from our purpose-built training facilities and regional offices located in Southeast London, the East Midlands and West Yorkshire, with the use of over 100 training centres nationwide.

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NRSW for Supervisors (LA, S1 - S5 & S7)


New road and street works are everywhere across the UK, keeping our roads safe and traffic moving. With so much reliance on quality, time, and safety of our roads and infrastructure, the works are subject to legislation that provides a compulsory framework for new roads and street works activities.

The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) sets out objectives to:

  • Ensure safety
  • Minimise inconvenience to people using a street
  • Reduce inconvenience to people with a disability
  • Protect the structure of the road and the apparatus in it

Overseeing works and monitoring the teams working on these often high-risk projects is a fundamental role on-site and one that requires acute attention to safety.

This Certification and Assessment Board for the Water Industry (CABWI) certification delivers the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding of New Roads & Street Works for Supervisors (Units 1, 10 -14 & 16 / LA, S1 - S5 & S7). It is primarily aimed at supervisors who monitor operatives carrying out excavation activities as part of their role in street works.

Course Outline

With a mix of practical, video, and classroom-based exercises and tutorials, delegates will cover legislative and administrative knowledge and awareness while taking part in practical tuition, focusing on excavation and reinstatement of materials throughout.

The course reflects national standards and industry best practices and is fully accredited in line with regulations. In addition, choose to learn with Citrus, and delegates benefit from training in our custom-built training facilities and customer-first approach to how we do business.

Our occupationally and technically-experienced educators will assess delegates in this five-day course, awarding successful delegates a certificate for each of the seven units included. In addition, various combinations of the units will lead to a full Street Works qualification, for which a Street Works Qualification Register (SWQR) Card will be awarded.

A training group may contain a mix of both Supervisors and Operatives; however, at least two operatives must be available for Supervisors to carry out monitoring exercises to aid and assess their development.

Course Programme

This training is essential for supervisors to learn the legislative framework, practical actions they must take, safety principles and more in overseeing NRSW. In addition, delegates will review legal requirements, ensure safety compliance, and understand procedures and appropriate documentation and classifications.

The course content includes:

  • Locating and avoiding underground apparatus
  • Monitoring signing, lighting and guarding
  • Monitoring excavation on the highway
  • Monitoring activities, including:
  • Reinstating compacting and backfill materials
  • Reinstating sub-base and road base non-bituminous materials
  • Reinstating bituminous materials
  • Reinstating modular surfaces and concrete footways

Supervisors must demonstrate the ability to monitor a site and compile written reports to complete the course successfully.

On Completion

At the end of the training, successful delegates will:

  • Summarise the New Road and Street Works Act
  • Select appropriate PPE and safety equipment to carry out street works activities
  • Monitor duties performed by Operatives for each unit and/or qualification following CABWI standards in-line with current legislation and ACOP where applicable
  • Provide a safe working environment for themselves, colleagues and the public

Once the delegate has their CABWI certificate, we will then send off for their SWQR card, which will enable them to gain access to the site.

Who Should Attend?

This CABWI Certification is for supervisors monitoring operatives who carry out excavation and reinstatement of various materials as part of their job in street works.

Course Duration

This five-day comprehensive course trains delegates to understand the challenges, processes and protocols of New Road and Street Works operations and regulations and monitor operatives in their duty of care.

Why Citrus?

Quality and the customer experience are paramount to us here at Citrus. We work tirelessly to provide exemplary service to our clients and produce excellent results from our delegates. As a result, we are the leading UK-based provider of health, safety, and technical training and assessment services to the Built Environment and Utility sectors. 

We proudly work with 85 of the country’s top 100 building services companies providing courses nationwide. As a CABWI approved training provider, we deliver The Street Works scheme through our accredited centres in our custom-built, real-world training facilities, offering safe and realistic training simulations. 

Serving the sector for nearly 20 years, our dedicated trainers provide expert knowledge and occupational experience to deliver NRSW Courses. As a result, we’ve successfully delivered training for over 45,000 delegates across the New Roads and Street Works (NRSW) training category.

Things You Need to Know

This CABWI Certified course has practical elements, so delegates must inform their trainer if they have any serious health issues, physical problems, special considerations, or take any medication, which may create difficulties in taking this training course. 

Delegates need to provide a passport photograph on the day of training so we can issue their SWQR Cards. 

Popular FAQ's

This course is only available in English. Translators are not allowed under the CABWI exam condition rules.

There is a five year grace period once the card has expired; however, please be aware you are not permitted to work on-site with an expired card.

No, this training can only take place at an accredited training centre.

This qualification is valid for five years.

The Operatives qualification is for delegates who do the job (setting out lights and digging, for example). Supervisors can ONLY supervise the Operatives and cannot do the physical job. Therefore, the Supervisor qualification DOES NOT qualify delegates to be an operative as well.

Certificates and cards can vary depending on the awarding body, usually taking six-eight weeks.

No, you will need a dual card to do this. You will need to do the operative and supervisor course if you need both.

No, you will need your SWQR card to gain access to site.

There will be a 30-minute refresher per unit before each exam unit is taken.

No, as there are mandatory practical elements delegates must complete.

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