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Delivering training services for the Built Environment and Utility sectors since 2004, we operate from our purpose-built training facilities and regional offices located in Southeast London, the East Midlands and West Yorkshire, with the use of over 100 training centres nationwide.

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SEATS - Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (CITB)


The environmental impacts of building, construction and civil engineering are far-reaching and heavily regulated. Poor, unregulated application of activities in our industries can have devastating effects on the environment, health and safety and more. So as professionals in these industries, we need to understand the impacts we make, the regulations that are in place and why it is crucial to be, at the very least, compliant with the rules in place. 

This Site Environmental Awareness Training course covers relevant legislation and other aspects that affect the environment in the building, construction and civil engineering industries. It will provide delegates with a broad understanding of the environment and the issues construction sites’ face, with the core aim to enable them to understand:

  • The environmental impacts of construction processes
  • The relevant legislation
  • How to achieve compliance
  • Best practice techniques to use on-site
Course Outline

Primarily classroom-based exercises and tutorials featuring best practice sharing, group work, and case studies, delegates will cover legislative and practical knowledge and awareness of the environmental impact and legislation.

The course reflects national standards and industry best practices and is fully accredited in line with regulations. In addition, learn with Citrus, and delegates benefit from our custom-built training facilities and customer-first approach.

Our occupationally and technically-experienced educators will coach and assess delegates throughout this one-day course, finishing the session with a multiple-choice and written exam. To qualify for the certificate, they must pass the examinations with a minimum 80% pass grade.

Course Programme

This training is essential to learning the environmental impact we make in our industry. Delegates will review legal requirements, learn safety measures, ensure safety compliance, and understand procedures.

The course will take delegates through the fundamentals of:

  • The importance of the environment relating to these industries
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Ecology and how it is directly related to their work
  • Contaminated land, including how it happens the regulations to prevent it
  • Waste Management systems and procedures
  • Pollution and Water Management systems and procedures
  • Being neighbourly, working with the people and systems around us and not against them
  • Energy and resources, including how they can use them best
On Completion

On completing this Site Environmental Awareness Training (SEATS) course, delegates will understand and be able to:

  • Supervise and protect the environment using legal provisions
  • Protect the eco-system – working with the relationships and interactions between animals, plants (flora and fauna) and organisms and their environment
  • Follow environmental management systems and processes to mitigate ecological damage
  • Play their part in reducing statutory nuisance and disturbance to neighbours
  • Manage the impact that archaeology and heritage can have on construction
  • Control water consumption and reduce the impact construction has on natural water supplies
  • Implement control measures to prevent the pollution of watercourses
  • Identify ethically sourced timber through the chain-of-custody entering site
  • Identify, control and manage contamination on brownfield sites
  • Classify, segregate and properly dispose of waste materials
Who Should Attend?

This CITB SEATS course is for those who have or are about to gain supervisory or management responsibilities. It will provide supervisors with a broad understanding of the environment, the issues construction sites face, and how to counter those challenges.

Course Duration

This one-day course trains delegates to understand the challenges, processes and fundamentals of environmental care, legislation and regulations on completion and certification.

Why Citrus?

Citrus Training is one of the UK's largest and most trusted training providers of CITB accredited courses. Our name is synonymous with quality and the customer experience as we work tirelessly to provide exemplary service to our clients and produce excellent results from our delegates. As a result, we are the leading UK-based provider of health, safety, and technical training and assessment services to the Built Environment and Utility sectors. 

We dedicate our efforts to unrivalled quality and the customer experience at Citrus Training. As a result, we are the leading UK-based provider of health, safety and technical training and assessment services to the Built Environment and Utility sectors. 

With close to 20-years of practical experience in delivering Site Safety Plus courses, Citrus Training has over 50,000 successfully trained workers in the market to date. We train delegates in our industry-leading facilities nationwide, helping to bring together the optimum mix of solutions, ensuring you apply the hierarchy of risk control most effectively.  Our in-house and employed Site Safety Plus trainers deliver premium training standards, consistency, and quality, resulting in unrivalled training practices and processes. And with some courses available virtually, we can keep industry standards high, no matter where they train from.

Clients can take advantage of our fully-managed delivery, offering regional engagement, skills and competency management, CITB levy and grants, skills cards and test management services, ensuring all bases are covered. The result is market-leading training practices and services, serving businesses and customers across the country.

Things You Need to Know

For training held at your own location, please ensure that the classroom you make available has a 240v power supply and is a suitable size for the number of delegates attending. 

Delegates must inform their trainer if they have any serious health issues, physical problems, special considerations or are taking any medication, which may create difficulties in undertaking elements of this training course so that we can make adjustments where possible.

Popular FAQ's

Yes, you need to complete the Health and Safety Awareness one day course to get your green card; however, you also need an HS&E Touch Screen Test, arranged through CITB.

Unfortunately, there is no grace period for the SSP certificates. Therefore, delegates may need a refresher course before the current certificate expires.

No, you will need a laptop or computer with a microphone and webcam to access the course.

No. After completing both parts, HS Awareness and HSE TST, you will need to apply for the green card quoting your certificate number.

Five years.

Yes, you can, as long as you pay into the CITB levy. As an ATO, we will do this automatically for you if we have your CITB number.

Your certificate will take approximately four weeks to arrive. Certificates are issued digitally from CITB via your email address.

Yes, with a parental / guardian form signed so the delegate can sit the course. This form MUST be completed and sent to us BEFORE the course's start date.

You must have a good understanding of the English language (spoken and written).

National Coverage

Over 100+ training centres nationwide, with 150+ technical trainers, delivering upwards of 250+ courses to over 40,000+ delegates each year. Thats why we're the UK's trusted training provider.

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