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Case Studies

Delegate Case Study - Larisa Frangulea

Case Study

The Brief

"Berkeley Homes Limited sought a training program for Larisa Frangulea, providing essential business skills for collaborative work. They aimed to integrate these skills with a vocational qualification."

Our Approach

Citrus Training has a specifically designed set of apprenticeship programmes that are tailored to the construction and built environment sectors. We understand that there is a gap in the market for these types of qualifications that can be used directly and are proven efficient and high-quality in the industry.

We have a dedicated Apprentice Division, which means that delegates can start their programmes smoothly in conjunction with their roles. Both learners and the Berkeley Homes training team receive a complete introduction to the content, meet the trainers, and are included in the learner reviews. In addition, Berkeley and its learners have access to our bespoke online learning system. This allows Berkeley visibility of how their employees perform under the programme, with measurability metrics and reporting just a click away.

Why did you choose this course?

"I have always aspired to join the construction industry. Logistics served as my entryway, easing my transition from full-time education to the workplace. While it was still construction-based, it involved a significant amount of administrative and office work.

I have chosen this college course because it provides me with an NVQ and the knowledge needed to be a good and considerate leader."

How did you find the signup process?

"It was relatively easy to sign up; there were a couple of forms that needed to be filled out, including submitting my English and Maths GCSE certificates, etc. After that, I had an interview and a scorecard to fill out. The interview was like a walk in the park—a pleasant conversation about my experiences and personality."

Fitting the course around your day-to-day role

"It is challenging as an apprentice to manage a full-time job and an academic qualification, but with good time management and willingness, anything can be achieved. What I would do at work, I would then upload on my OneFile (a virtual platform we use for learning and assignments) as evidence."

How would you describe the support you received?

"Citrus is keen to help anyone whenever they can. I have received support from my tutor and other members of the team throughout my entire journey with them. Every three months, there is a review involving my line manager, myself, and Citrus, during which we discuss additional things I can study, courses I can sign up for, assignments, and deadlines.

The online delivery was via Microsoft Teams, and I loved that it was quite flexible, meaning I could be anywhere, whether at work, at home, or anywhere else quiet, and fulfil my studies."

How is this going to / how has it benefited your career?

"It taught me how to be a more precise leader, with improved ways of managing people and communication skills. Furthermore, I will attain a fMgr status from CMI!"

Would you recommend this course to others?

"Yes, with all my heart, I would recommend this course to others. It greatly helped develop my leadership skills while also enhancing my understanding of team members."

The result

Larisa recently received a distinction on her end-point assessment.


‘With all my heart, I would recommend this course to people. It helped develop myself as a leader so much while also heightening my understanding of team members.Do what feels right for you, you are only here to please yourself, not those around you!’

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