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Case Studies

Pexhurst Services Limited

Case Study

The Brief

Pexhurst Services Limited was looking for qualifications that upskilled their employees, providing vital business skills for collaborative work, while concurrently acquiring a vocational qualification.

Our Approach

Citrus Training has a specifically designed set of apprenticeship programmes that are tailored to the construction and built environment sectors. We understand that there is a gap in the market for these types of qualifications that can be used directly and are proven efficient and high-quality in the industry.

We have a dedicated Apprentice Division, which means that delegates can start their programmes smoothly in conjunction with their roles. 

This meant that Pexhurst were able to put their delegates through our apprenticeship programmes with little disruption to their day-to-day work. 

Why did you choose Citrus Training for your Apprenticeship Training?

Nick, Director of Pexhurst Services said, "Great service! We have a long-term relationship with Citrus, who has become familiar with our company culture and goals. This understanding enables them to continually refine and adapt our training to suit our needs. They provide a consistent standard of quality and teaching approach across all our training programmes."

Pexhurst put forward Assistant Site Manager, Jake Palmer to do Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship, having had no former leadership training. He said about the course:

"I was happy to pursue this apprenticeship because I knew it would impart valuable skills, enabling me to become a better manager and progress to more senior roles. For example, I have learned various communication techniques and their effectiveness, self-management strategies, and project management tools, all of which are highly applicable and applied regularly. These skills will significantly benefit my career, allowing me to ensure successful project completion."

How did you find the onboarding process?

From an employer's perspective, the team commented that; "Regular follow-ups are held with the apprentices, training provider, and employer, providing support and guidance to help the apprentice prepare for the end-point assessment."

Jake said; "The sign-up process was extremely easy; I applied for the course through my organisation and participated in a Teams interview with a Citrus representative. The interview felt extremely comforting, unlike your typical nerve-racking interview process. During the interview, I received plenty of valuable information and guidance about the course, which further eased the process. The induction for the course was conducted online via Teams, where we were taught how to use our personalized online portfolio, OneFile."

Delegate Perspective: How did you find fitting the course around your day-to-day role?

"Of course, it was tricky at times to balance work and the apprenticeship; however, with the support I received, I was able to ensure I never fell behind, thanks to the self-management techniques I learned through the apprenticeship.

I dedicated time each week to completing the assignments, applying what I had learned on-site, and showcasing it in my work. For instance, when logging my 20% off-the-job hours, I would analyse what I had learned that week, such as toolbox talks, site meetings, and shadowing, and add this to my portfolio. Overall, keeping track and being self-aware of what you have learned will naturally help build evidence."

Delegate Perspective: How would you describe the support you received?

"The support I received throughout the apprenticeship was fantastic; I could easily contact my tutor and apprentice team, even outside regular hours, for assistance or clarification. Additionally, support from my company to gain further clarification on information related to our organization was consistently available. This overall support allowed me to acquire more knowledge and understanding, aiding me in achieving my goals. Furthermore, I received regular reviews, which helped me understand my strengths and areas for improvement.

The online delivery platform provided an amazing experience, occurring monthly on Teams. The tutors were highly engaging and fostered team building among the apprentices in my cohort. I could participate in these delivery sessions from the comfort of my home, fully engaging in learning, and working on assignments away from the bustling construction environment."

Delegate Perspective: How is this going to / how has it benefited your career?

"This has benefited my career in many ways, including the fact that I have embraced new knowledge, skills, and behaviours, which I apply in my role every day—such as time management techniques, understanding value for money, and how this applies to my organization, as well as how to build positive relationships. Showcasing these new knowledge, skills, and behaviours throughout the apprenticeship assisted me in completing my first two projects as the site representative, not to mention a promotion from trainee to assistant site manager!

Further showcasing what I have learned and applying it to my role will benefit my career, ultimately leading to successful project delivery and further advancement within the organization."

Delegate Perspective: Would you recommend this course to others?

Without a doubt, the Citrus team is extremely helpful, engaging, and positive people who offer continuous support throughout the program. They provide endless learning opportunities that apply to a range of team leader roles. I was able to progress not only as a manager but also as a person due to what I had learned. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

The result

Jake recently received a distinction on his end-point assessment.

As a business, Pexhurst has seen several positive outcomes from using Citrus Training Apprenticeships. They have seen and benefitted from the improvement in those taking our programmes, including developed skills in communication, teamwork, and self-motivation.

"Citrus Training provides continuous support for our colleagues through their training journeys by providing regular advice and support".


‘The support I had throughout the apprenticeship was fantastic; I was able to contact my tutor and apprentice team with ease, and even out of hours if I needed assistance or clarification. Furthermore, I was offered regular reviews which also helped assist with understanding what I am doing well, and more importantly where I can improve and better myself.''The online delivery platform was an amazing experience and occurred on a monthly basis on teams; the tutors I had were extremely engaging and promoted team building with the other apprentices within my cohort.’'The citrus team are extremely helpful, engaging, and positive people who offer continuous support throughout the programme, and endless learning opportunities that are all applicable to a range of different team leader roles.’

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