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Delivering training services for the Built Environment and Utility sectors since 2004, we operate from our purpose-built training facilities and regional offices located in Southeast London, the East Midlands and West Yorkshire, with the use of over 100 training centres nationwide.

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Safety in Excavations

These EUSR accredited Safety in Excavation courses will equip you with the knowledge you need to work in excavations. From understanding safe digging practices and preventing collapse to how to use different materials to support the excavation throughout the project.

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Why Citrus?

Citrus Training are the UK's largest provider of health, safety, environmental and specialist operations training, and here are a few reasons why.

Real-world Training Facilities
We have industry recognised, real-world training facilities on our private training sites, offering safe but realistic training simulations.
20-Years’ Experience
We have nearly 20-years of practical experience in delivering training, resulting in unrivaled practices and processes.
Dedicated Courses
Our dedicated courses suit client-specific requirements and ensure consistent learning across your team.
Industry Experts
Our professional, highly qualified instructors deliver all aspects of the course and guarantee a successful and exclusive learning experience.
What are Safe Excavations?

Excavation on any site is no mean feat, and so there are rules and regulations that operators and contractors must follow to prevent serious incidents and harm. From inception to completion, stringent checks, safety measures, practical and theoretical knowledge, and skills will keep workers and the general public safe.

Excavation is present on small residential sites to massive quarry areas and beyond. Relevant training on the equipment to dig out the areas is necessary to carry out the works, but Safe Excavations goes further. Looking at how to prevent collapse, support the excavation throughout the project, stop people and materials from falling in, safe digging practices and record keeping, to name just a few. Confined spaces and risk classifications will also form part of Safe Excavations, equipping operators and supervisors with everything they need to operate correctly on excavation sites.

Which course should I take?

We have an extensive range of courses to choose from that train novice to expert, ranging from pure theory, appreciating why excavations need support, to complete practical courses covering all the different support systems.

All our training is EUSR accredited, and the course delegates take will depend on the level of skill they hold and the materials they will use in their excavations. Our EUSR courses are very flexible, so we can tailor your course to include the modules you require if you have the need.

We provide courses for the following EUSR categories:

Appreciation of Excavation Safety
Category 1 - Locate Utility Services
Category 2 - Implement Safe (Digging) Practices
Category 3 - Install, Inspect & Remove Timber Support Systems
Category 4 - Install, Inspect & Remove Steel Support Systems
Category 5 - Install, Inspect & Remove Proprietary Support Systems

If you would like to book a combined category course, scroll up to view the options or get in touch if you don't see the combination you need.

Grants and Funding

At Citrus, we want training and opportunities to be available for as many delegates as possible. There are funding and grant options to explore for different courses, and we aim to provide as much information as possible for our customers. In this case, the CITB Grant is applicable for Safe Excavations courses; contact us to find out more.

Why Citrus?

Quality and customer experience are paramount to us here at Citrus. We work tirelessly to provide exemplary service to our clients and produce excellent results from our delegates. As a result, we are the leading UK-based provider of health, safety, and technical training and assessment services to the Built Environment and Utility sectors.

We provide accredited training by the largest number of directly employed trainers in the market who have lived experience in the courses they deliver. As a result, our delegates gain knowledge, skills, and understanding from unrivalled expertise in their industry.

We train over 40,000 delegates annually nationwide and offer over 200 regularly reviewed accredited courses. Working with 85 of the top 100 construction companies in the market, we cater to the sector-specific needs of our customers where appropriate and leave no requests unanswered.

With a course calendar of over 7000 events across a comprehensive range of courses and qualifications, we deliver ‘real-world’ site experiences making transferring from training to practical reality easier and more effective.

Popular FAQ's

No, the course must be done in English, as per the EUSR scheme rules.

When booking any install, inspect, and remove courses (3, 4 & 5) you must attend the Appreciation of Excavation Safety training before you can attend the installation course.

There is no maximum depth taught in the course. The principle you are taught means you can dig to any depth by following the process.

The EUSR card is valid for three years.

Yes, you can choose to do almost any combination of EUSR Safety in Excavations course. Our course directory lists the more popular ones, however, if you need a different combination, please get in touch.

You can book a maximum of eight delegates per course. See course pages for details about on-site training.

National Coverage

Over 100+ training centres nationwide, with 150+ technical trainers, delivering upwards of 250+ courses to over 40,000+ delegates each year. Thats why we're the UK's trusted training provider.

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